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The global energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, with a growing focus on more sustainable and ecological sources. In this context of change, we at Beinat have not stood by and watched. We will soon present on our website  a range of products designed specifically to detect and manage green gases.

It will focus on the presentation of detectors, sensors and control panels designed specifically to detect the presence and leakage of green gases. The main innovation is the ability of these devices to detect green gases such as hydrogen, the hydrogen-methane mixture, and other eco-friendly gases.

Beinat’s green line extends to a diverse range of detectors and sensors, the main objective of which is to ensure the safety of the environments in which they are used, while offering a response to the growing needs of the sustainable energy sector.

With this innovation, we offer advanced gas detection solutions with a focus on green types of gases. This reflects our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable future through technology and innovation.