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The ATEX is a directive that refers, in turn, to two European Directives that regulate a very important aspect: the management of all those workplaces at risk of explosions. Areas where, for example, the production processes involve flammable or combustible liquids, gases or powders

ATEX certification, therefore, is simply essential in many factories and companies, for a variety of reasons in addition to compliance with European laws. In fact, ATEX-compliant premises run much lower risk of explosions and therefore contribute to safeguarding the safety of human lives and the protection of entire buildings. Unfortunately, reports of companies destroyed by explosions are still quite common.

An ATEX certified detection sensor becomes a fundamental tool: we at Beinat, thanks to our many years of experience in the field, have developed SG895, an ATEX certified gas detection with IP66/67 explosion protection degree, thanks to the innovative catalytic technology sensors to detect explosive and toxic gases in the air.

The sensor brings together a lot of technology: it is managed by a microprocessor which, in addition to transmitting the alarm to the gas detection controller to which it is connected, carries out a self-diagnosis of the system and therefore a self-calibration that allows the SG895 to adapt to even the most difficult environments, avoiding unnecessary (and dangerous) false alarms.

We recommend testing SG895 with our TS1008 instrument: in this way, its reliability becomes maximum, and can (really) save many lives. Click here to know all the details of SG895.