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Some essential elements for the survival of men, and all other living beings, are invisible.

An example? The air we breathe and especially oxygen, a chemical element that is most present on the earth’s crust (47% of the total) and, in the form of a molecule (O2), is the second most present gas in our atmosphere ( 20.9%) after nitrogen.

Why is oxygen essential for humans?

Discovered in 1774 by the English chemist Joseph Priestley, oxygen is essential for all living organisms..

Also for humans, of course, who use it in cellular respiration to “burn” glucose and other sugars in the mitochondria, obtaining readily available energy in the form of ATP, a particular acid.

Oxygen, therefore, must be taken by our organism continuously and is recognized as a real nutrient, as well as water, despite being inhaled through respiration and not ingested: it has been calculated that, On average, an adult man inhales about 2,300 liters of oxygen a day and exhales about 1,700. There are therefore almost 600 liters of oxygen (more than half a cubic meter) per day necessary for our survival.

The right concentration of oxygen in the air

In addition to its presence, it is essential that the oxygen we breathe is present in the right concentration. If its level is below 19%, for example, air is considered oxygen deficient and dangerous for humans.

Even the condition in which oxygen is too present in the air involves a risk factor. Being an oxidizer, the higher the amount of oxygen in the air, the greater the flammability of materials and other gases: with a concentration of 24%, for example, some items of clothing risk even spontaneous combustion.

How to avoid this danger? With an ad hoc instrument, like our portable oxygen reader NASE25_O2, which records the percentage of oxygen in the air in real time.

Thanks to its small size and long-lasting sensor (up to 6 years) it is one of our products that combines practicality and technology: click here to know all the details of NASE25_O2.

In addition to the NASE25_O2 portable reader, we have developed a line of fixed oxygen detectors: the SG800-O2, a conventional gas sensor designed to be connected to a remote gas controller detection, and the SG850-O2, which with its integrated relay and backlit display can also be used independently.