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The Beinat market

Since 1972 we pay attention to Made in Italy

Beinat offers a offers a full range of gas safety and control equipment.

From feasibility analysis to drawing up a project, to the revision of the internal processes (production and management), from the staff training to the consolidation of all processes which are then constantly monitored, we supply products that fully satisfy our customers’ requests and needs.

Proud to do it since 1972.

Beinat around the world

All countries that purchase our products

Our market, fundamentally foreign, expands from America to China and is very attentive to Made in Italy.

Our products are found in almost all over Europe, from Spain to the Czech Republic, from Greece to Portugal. Spanning much of the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, from Egypt to Qatar.
Not least are continents like America and Asia where Beinat works for many years, from the USA to Taiwan.

The perfect partner for the wholesaler

For years, Beinat is your company’s trusted partner: its products are 100% guaranteed and its reliability allows a constant turnover within your warehouse. The study of our products allows obtaining advanced equipment capable to meet all needs. Our quality certifications and warranty


Our quality and guarantee certifications

The importance of quality policy

The goal has always been to provide products that meet the customer’s needs, through continuous performance improvement and with a full commitment.