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Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives continue in this 2022 which is proving to be a very complex year for many realities and sectors, from commercial to cultural. This is why we believe that investing on a cultural level is also fundamental, not only for us but above all for future generations.

We therefore decided to join the project “A decoration for a dream”, to support the Academy of the Teatro alla Scala di Milan.

Our donate, which will be symbolically represented by Christmas decorations, will become a concrete help such as an exemption from payment of the tuition fee or a scholarship for the students of the Academy, allowing them to follow their studies with more serenity.

The students of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala are talented young people who come from all over the world to distinguish themselves not only in the artistic field, but also in the technical and managerial field. A complete and excellent training, therefore, which, in order to be affordable for everyone, requires exemptions and scholarships dedicated to all deserving students but in financial difficulties.

It is a project as beautiful as it is ambitious and our small, big contribution wants to give the realization of a dream to those who could not afford it.