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In the field of advanced gas leak monitoring and detection solutions, our company is always at the forefront. In fact, our two new ATEX-certified gas detection controllers – the BX480-AX and the BX880-AX – are another step forward in terms of safety.

The BX480-AX is a 4-zone gas detection controller, designed to identify the presence of toxic and explosive gases through the connection of 4 remote sensors. With its advanced microprocessor, it offers a flexible control system suitable for both civil and industrial applications. The versatility is further ensured by microswitches that allow the selection or elimination of the sensors, the type of gas to be detected and the operating mode of the relay.

The BX880-AX amplifies safety, being an 8-zone gas detection controller. Equipped with the same advanced technological features, it offers maximum flexibility in detecting toxic and explosive gases through the use of 8 remote sensors. With the same hazard levels as the BX480-AX, this controller stands out for its extreme reliability and versatility.

Both controllers are ATEX certified, ensuring compliance with high safety standards.

With these new products, we confirm our commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions to ensure maximum safety in every operating context.