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A careful and always performing team

Beinat beating heart

Within our company a team of experienced engineers deals with the product creation: starting from zero, from the identification of a need to its conception.

Through specific studies, Beinat decides the requirements, functions and strategies to be developed in order to design and distribute products that meet the target requirements and that offer adequate performance in relation to the customer’s needs.

From the study to the product creation

Innovative ideas for the good of all

Everything happens within the walls of Beinat: the customer ideas are the starting point for everything. An essential aspect of planning is the design. The research is oriented towards products that are not only efficient and performing, but also beautiful.

The intention is always just one: having provided innovative equipment, safe and reliable over time.

Beinat production

How we work

The production department is able to fully satisfy customer requests, according to our quality manual procedures. We rely on external partners for the creation of our products: we supply microprocessors, printed circuit boards and then you need to get semi-finished product.

A highly qualified team then tests all the pieces and assembles them. The process ends with the packaged product, packed and closed with the guarantee seal.

The perfect partner for the wholesaler

For years, Beinat is your company’s trusted partner: its products are 100% guaranteed and its reliability allows a constant turnover within your warehouse. The study of our products allows obtaining advanced equipment capable to meet all needs. Our quality certifications and warranty


Our quality and guarantee certifications

The importance of quality policy

The goal has always been to provide products that meet the customer’s needs, through continuous performance improvement and with a full commitment.