Pressure and depression test gauge 500 mbar

The MME500 assist the installer in his work both during the installation of new plants and in the testing of existing plants. It is a small portable differential pressure gauge, with easy use. Precision and autonomy make this tool indispensable for testing and controlling heating systems. It is calibrated with sophisticated testing machines, so its measurement is very precise. It is calibrated for example for the measurement of:

  • Network gas pressure
  • Pressure in the combustion chamber
  • Fireplaces efficiency

Power supply via 3 AAA alkaline batteries: 4.5 V
Average consumption: 8.30 mA
Battery autonomy according to the functions: about 100 hours
Battery charge and discharge control: Display
Pressure: from 0 bar to 500 mbar
Pressure detection probe: Incorporated
Measuring range: +/- 500 mbar
Overload pressure: 3 bar
Resolution: 1 mbar
Accuracy: 0.4% F.S.
Old button: Incorporated
Alpha numeric LCD display: 3 digits
Operating temperature: -10 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C
Auto-shutdown: after 60 minutes
Electromagnetic Compatibility CE Reference standard: UNI 7129
Dimensions and weight: 67 * 135 * 35 mm 70gr

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