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Oxygen is the necessary element in order to live, but if its amount in the air are above or below normal it can become dangerous. 

The air contains an oxygen concentration equal to 20.9% and when the level is less than 19%, the air is considered to be oxygen deficient and therefore difficult to handle. The level below 16% is considered dangerous for humans.

The lowering of the oxygen level in the air can be due to several factors such as:

  • combustion
  • oxidation
  • chemical reaction
  • bacterial action

Excess oxygen also creates risks: when the O₂ levels rise, the flammability of materials and gases also increases.
At 24%, for example, clothing items are likely to undergo spontaneous combustion.

With the NASE25_O₂ portable oxygen reader, there is no risk: thanks to its precision, the percentage of oxygen present in the air is always kept under control on screen display.

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