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The match on Sunday 20 November in group A between the hosts of Qatar and Ecuador (with the victory of the latter by 2 to 0) officially marked the beginning of the twenty-second edition of the football world cup.

It is one of the most important and followed sporting events: it captures the attention of billions of people around the world, despite the unusual location of this edition between November and December. This is to avoid the warmer months of the Arabian Peninsula which record temperatures above 45°C

A World Cup in which we will again have to act as spectators and not as fans, given that once again Italy failed to qualify.

Fortunately there is Beinat to bring up the Made in Italy pride, as we have been doing since 1978, by protecting FIFA organizers and participants from the gas hazards, with its excellent products.

Professor Bei and engineer Nat are visiting the emirs to check that everything is working at its best: in fact, our products have been installed at the prestigious Hotel dedicated to FIFA on Qetaifan Island, and in other facilities directly dedicated to Qatar Football World Cup 2022.

Beinat takes care for winning the most important Italian match of the World Cup, the game of Life!