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Methane gas is still widely used in our homes, both to heat and to cook and for hot water. LPG, although less widespread, is also still present: the cylinders allow to heat homes not served by the gas network.

Both, however, have potential dangers: methane gas, for example, is odourless and colourless and it is practically impossible to perceive a loss in the house. A consistent loss of methane gas can experience dizziness, headaches and nausea, and even fires and explosions as its concentration increases.

LPG, on the other hand, can catch fire or explode if it accumulates in an enclosed area. Inhaling LPG can also irritate our eyes and cause breathing difficulties and coughing.

It is therefore necessary to pay the utmost attention to our systems, by regularly checking the pipes and distribution devices, just to avoid any malfunctions and leaks. A small precaution is to ventilate well the rooms where you use the gas.

In any case, an additional factor of protection against possible leaks is a detector for domestic use: Beinat prepared the OK-Gas Kit, a bundle with our GS911K gas detector coupled with a ½” DIN 15 230V NC solenoid valve with 500 mbar.

The detector, thanks to its catalytic sensor, verifies the presence of natural gas or LPG with an intervention sensitivity calibrated to 10% of the L.E.L.

The catalytic sensor with which it is supplied promptly signals faults, acts on the solenoid valve and commands its closure in the event of gas leaks, and complies with EN50194.

We offer this kit at a net price of 75 euros, a considerable saving on the list price. Don’t skimp on your safety!