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Making high quality instruments has been, since its foundation, one of Beinat Srl objectives

To do this, it is necessary to ensure rigorous production, which follows well-defined processes, it is integrated into an impeccable organizational structure and at the same time guarantees the total safety of our employees and collaborators.

ISO 9001:2015

To ensure all this, over the years we have developed a management system that has obtained certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which establishes a series of guidelines aimed at continuous improvement to satisfy the customer and increase our competitiveness on the market.

To obtain this important certification, we have defined a quality policy that involves all staff, also providing a fundamental contribution from our suppliers and the constant updating of our machinery, as well as a constant commitment from the management.

This management system is one of the reasons that ensures the excellence of all our products, for which we offer a three-year warranty. Furthermore, each of our products is covered by the “RC Products” policy.

2014/30/UE, 2014/35/UE, 2014/34/UE, 2011/65/UE, Kiwa, TÜV SUD, Eurofins, FTZU

ISO 9001:2015 is just one of our certifications.

To ensure the correct operation of our equipment and various other electrical and electronic devices in the same environment, we comply with directive 2014/30/EU. This regulation, known to the insiders as electromagnetic compatibility or EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility), deals with limiting the undesirable effects produced by the generation, transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy.

With regard to safety standards, we comply with 2014/35/EU, better known as the Low Voltage Directive or LVD (Low Voltage Directive), which establishes common objectives to ensure that the equipment in question is suitable for the use for which it is intended for all EU countries.

Also dealing with products that can be used in the presence of a potentially explosive atmosphere, they also comply with 2014/34/EU, also known by the acronym ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosive).

With a view to a production that is always attentive to environmental protection, we also comply with the 2011/65 / EU regulation, commonly known as the RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), which establishes a series of restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in the production of electrical and electronic equipment.

Finally, the fundamental CE marking is a real “quality stamp” which certifies that all our products comply with the safety requirements of the Community directives and regulations.

Strong partnerships over the years with major notified bodies such as Kiwa, TÜV SUD, Eurofins and FTZU; impartial and internationally recognized bodies, we are able to constantly monitor our products and our quality system. 

By choosing one of our products, therefore, you are choosing not only a concentrate of technology, but also the tangible result of a series of processes that integrate our impeccable production with our determined desire to improve ourselves every day.

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