Tester and control of gas sensors

From the experience since 40 years and the requirements of the rules of the test, BEINAT Srl has built a new tool Tester TS1008 for its own products.

Mainly this new device is suitable to test all conventional sensors to detect explosive and toxic gas manufactured by BEINAT Srl.  This device allows reading all of the data and the configuration of work that are in the memory of the sensors, also, having supplied by the IR transmission, it prints the ticket that confirms the testing data, certifying your own work.

By the Tester TS1008, you can read all of the events that occurred in the probe, such as:

1) The type of sensor
2) The serial number of the sensor.
3) The status of current work, WAITING (warm up) – READING DATA – FAULT – ALARM.
4) How many times the voltage has been On/Off.
5) How many times it issued an alarm.
6) The status of the current calibration.
7) How many times the correction has been made.
8) How many operating days remain before the substitution of the sensing element.

Power supply via 3 AAA alkaline batteries: 4.5 V
Consumption during other measurements: 3 mA
Consumption in the printing phase: 4 mA
Battery autonomy according to the functions: about 380 hours
Battery charge and discharge control: Display
Events storage: 1 until the instrument is turned off
Compatible Probe Series: SGM595, SGM533, SG895, SG800, CO100r, HCF100, SGF series, CXM200 / Q
Auto power off: after 1 hour of stand by
Working temperature: incorporated -10 ° C to + 45 ° C
Non-condensed working humidity: 0 to 90%
Print: Via IR port
Electromagnetic Compatibility: CE
Dimensions and weight: 65 * 135 * 32mm 180gr

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