Portable printer

The majority of the portable devices manufactured by BEINAT S.r.l. can be used in conjunction with a printer, in order to certify, using a slip, the result of the test preformed. The printer is mainly used to check gas detection sensors, for pressure gauges and to issue the declaration of conformity.

BEINAT S.r.l. adopted this type of thermal printer as an innovative solution compared to the systems that use an impact based system. The elegant design, dimensions, and small weight, together with its flexibility make this printer a useful working tool.

The printer can be interfaced with IR transmission, and it is ideal to print the system control and verification report, thus self-certifying your own work. The size and weight are extremely small.

The automatic paper-load with “six-load” system is patented. Moreover, it is complete with paper-out sensor.

Primary power supply: 230/240 VAC 50 Hz.
Battery type: AA 1,5V
Battery autonomy: About 1 hour
Absorption: 9 2 5m A
Transmission: IR Infrared 940 nm, 33 kHz
Protocol: 8 bit (1 start, 4 error)
Flash memory: 3 2K
Reception buffer: 128 bytes
End of paper sensors: Incorporated
Paper size: 57.5mm 1mm
Working temperature: -5 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C
Operating humidity: 0-90% no condensed

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