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Since humans discovered GAS, they have realized its usefulness and since then have used it for cooking, for heating, and today in industrialization. But he also discovered its danger. To transport it, ordinary people resort to technicians who need to be sure that their work is free from danger. To do this you need a reliable and safe control tool.

BEINAT S.r.l. with its prestige that for over forty years has distinguished it and from the “equipment fitness” concept it has created the portable gas detector the NASE25 / S Explosive Gas Detection The modernity of this instrument and its precision in detection are due to the research of BEINAT in the Gas detection sector.
Reading from 3% to 100% of the LEL. with a resolution of 1% of the LEL.
The reading of the NASE25 / S can also be carried out in a dimly lit environment as the display is backlit.

  • Alimentazione batteria: 3 VDC ± 10%
  • Tipo di batterie: Alcaline AAA
  • Durata batterie: Circa 6 ore
  • Report gas esplosivo riferito al metano
  • Sensore di rilevamento: Semiconduttore
  • Campo di misura  0% – 99.9%
  • Portata del sensore  500 – 10000 ppm (GPL)
  • Risoluzione: 1% FS
  • Tempo di risposta: 0,5”
  • Lunghezza Flessibile: 25 cm
  • Display multicolore LCD: Visione corrente
  • Misure: 65x135x35
  • Peso: 250 gr

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