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Carbon monoxide is an enemy as imperceptible as it is dangerous. Odorless, colorless, harmful even at low levels of exposure: these elements would be enough to identify the level of danger of this gas, of which it is impossible to detect a leak without suitable detectors.

In addition to private homes, carbon monoxide represents a concrete danger in different environments, such as in car parks and underground garages, so much so that there are laws.

Without going into technicalities, in underground car parks it is mandatory to check the air and fumes, with recirculation openings and possibly the installation of forced ventilation systems for smoke and heat.

A fire that develops in a large underground parking is dangerous not only for the flames and heat, but also for the carbon monoxide it develops. Not to mention that even a car running at idle could in the long run produce dangerous quantities of the killer gas.

This is why it is recommended, in addition to the ventilation openings, also the installation of an adequate gas detection system. We at Beinat, engaged since 1978 in the production of gas and fire safety instrumentation, have designed and built the CO gas sensor CO100P: built according to European legislation, it checks the concentration of carbon monoxide and, thanks to its microprocessor, automatically activates the relay which she is gifted with.

A fundamental tool for all garages and underground car parks, not only to be in line with the law, but also to ensure the safety of hundreds of people.

A tool that is the result of our experience and passion, which go hand in hand with the continuous search for innovation. This is also why we have registered our Beinat brand with the Ministry of Economic Development! The circled R that completes our logo at the top right, therefore, is a further guarantee of our competence and the excellent quality of all our products.