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We are in the height of summer, and these days are particularly hot. Those of us who have an air conditioner at home, therefore, are using it often and willingly.

Here are some tips on how to best use it.

Avoid thermal changes

The temptation to lower the thermostat below 23-24 degrees is sometimes strong, but do not indulge it: you will avoid getting sick and receiving too high bills, not consuming too much. The difference between internal and external temperature, therefore, should not exceed 6-7 degrees.

Close doors and windows

To optimize the air conditioner operating, it is necessary that the windows of the room you are cooling (and possibly also the doors) are closed, to avoid dispersing the effect of the air conditioning. Also, avoid keeping the air conditioner on in an empty room.

Limit use at night (or turn it off)

Also to avoid health problems, set the night mode, if available. Otherwise our advice is to turn off the air conditioner while you sleep.

Take care of the maintenance

Like any household appliance, the air conditioner must also be properly maintained. Among the main operations not to be forgotten is that of cleaning the filters, which must be carried out at least once or twice a year, and in any case before reusing the air conditioner after a long pause. Do not forget to also take care of the external unit, if present.

Choose the right energy class

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner (or replacing your old appliance) always consider an energy class that is at least A +, with inverter technology, to ensure better comfort and reduce overall consumption.

In any case, temperature monitoring is essential, in summer as well as in winter. Also for this reason Beinat propose its LC150, an electronic battery-operated thermostat, which can be used all year round to control fan coils, air generators or air conditioning systems. An instrument as small, thanks also to battery power, as powerful.

And for those who want to be safe even on vacation, there is GS913, a gas detector (methane, LPG or narcotizing gases) specially designed for caravans and boats, calibrated to 10% of LEL.

For more information about this instrument or for further information on thermoregulation, contact us!