Stand-alone explosive gas detector for industrial use

The years of experience in the industrial sector and the united to prestige that has always distinguished the BEINAT Srl. and the concept of the previous version, the new autonomous detector CXM200/Q has been created which has the prerogative to detect Gas Methane or LPG.

The detector has two hazard levels:

1st LEVEL, 1st Pre-Alarm. This is set at 13 % of L.E.L.

2nd LEVEL, Main Alarm. This is set at 20% of L.E.L.

Test: to perform a precise and self-certified test use the TS1008 instrument, which is also used to carry out the annual check.

Primary power supply: 230 ÷ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Conventional gas probes: autonomous
Sensor: catalytic
Pre-alarm output relay: changeover
Alarm output relay: changeover
Detection range: 0 to 100% of the LEL
Pre-alarm threshold: 13% of the LEL
General alarm threshold: 20% of the LEL
Pulse or continuous selection: built-in switch
Degree of protection: IP64
Working temperature: from -10 to + 50 ° C
Operating humidity: 0-90% non condensing
Test plug prepared for: TS1008
Dimensions: 135x90x45 mm

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