KAC019 - box for BX316xp

Wired box panel for BX316xp mounting

Box for a BX316 – for a BXI32

The years of experience gained in the industrial sector and the knowledge of the market combined with the prestige that has always distinguished BEINAT S.r.l. allowed the design of a new Gas Control Unit, the BX316xp, which has the prerogative of being able to control, through the probes connected to it, the presence of toxic and / or explosive gases. Thanks to the advanced technologies, among which the control of the micro processor, the gas detection control unit is suitable for industrial applications and parking lots. The control unit has been designed and built according to the European Standard to check the presence of gas in a versatile and innovative way as follows: Connect in the traditional way from 4 to 20 mA 16 Conventional remote probes for one zone, or divisible into two zones with 8 Conventional probes for each zone. Gas detection The concentration of gas that each probe detects in rotation is read directly on the Display specifying the origin. When one of the connected probes exceeds the pre-alarm threshold set, the control unit emits a constant sound and indicates on the display the probe number, the quantity of gas detected and its origin.

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