SG*0² 100

Conventional stand-alone oxygen sensor for tertiary use. IP55

The stand-alone sensor SG-O2-100 has the prerogative to control through sensors catalytic technology the presence of Oxygen The sensor is managed by a microprocessor, which allows execution of a self-diagnosis and therefore an automatic calibration, in order to always have the maximum detection accuracy. The self-calibration allows the probe to adapt in difficult environments and variable temperature avoiding false alarms due to anomalous events. Furthermore, with this sensor it is possible:

1) To select the alarm threshold for oxygen excess or deficiency.

1) To select the positive safety of the relay

Power supply: 12 ÷ 24 V. cc ± 10%
Consumption: 1.3 W max. @ 13.8V
Switching relay: 10 A SELV
Sensor: Fluorescence optic
Detection: 18% ÷ 20.8% of O2, ~ from 20.8% ÷ 22.5% of O2
Alarm threshold: O2 deficient
Alarm threshold: In the absence of O2
Display: O2 quantity signaling
Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA on 220 Ohm
Test socket for: TS1008
Compatible ECUs: GS-300Mc – BX444-Mc – BX308xp – BXI316xp
Working temperature: 60 ° C
Enclosure and protection: ABS – IP55
Dimension: 78 x 114 x 58
Package Dimensions: 197 x 122 x 67
Weight: 270 grams approx.

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