Addressable stand-alone sensor for different types of gas, wall and attic. IP64

The stand-alone addressable sensor SGF101 through sensors catalytic technology detects the presence of Gas Methane. The sensor is managed by a microprocessor which allows execution of a self-diagnosis and therefore an automatic calibration, in order to always have the maximum detection accuracy. The self-calibration allows the probe to adapt in difficult environments and variable temperature avoiding false alarms due to anomalous events.The sensor integrates the transmission of the gas being monitored through a serial RS485
Furthermore, with this sensor it is possible:
1) To select the working range to 20% of the LEL or 100% of the LEL
2) To select the positive safety of the relay.
Test: to perform a precise and self-certified test, use the TS1008 instrument, which also serves to carry out the annual check.

Power supply: 12 VDC ± 10%
Absorption: 90 mA in operation, 110 mA in alarm Max @ 13.8VDC
Signals: green light for regular operation, yellow fault light, red alarm light
Sensor: Catalytic
Detection: Natural Gas
Working range of the sensitive element: 0 ÷ 100% of the LIE
Alarm detection: 0 ÷ 20% of the LIE
Data transmission signal: RS485 serial protocol BUSRTU mod
USB test socket: TS1008
Detector accuracy: +/- 1% FS
Long term drift in clean air: <± 3% LEL
Autozero procedure: Included in the software algorithms
Response time: <10 ”
Waiting time (warm-up time): 1 minute
Room temperature control: Compensated by micro
Operating temperature: from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
Operating humidity: 0-90% non condensed
Usable control units: BXI32
Probe connection cable section: 1 mm per 100 m
Installation: ceiling or wall
Anti-extrusion protection: included
Probe body material: Self-extinguishing polypropylene VDE0471
External protection degree: IP64
Overall dimensions of the container: diameter 90 mm

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