Calibrated bottles for testing

To make an excellent test, pre-calibrated spray bottles must be used.They must also be used not to spoil the gas detection capsules.

The pre-calibrated bottles are used to:

1) To test new plants

2) To test existing systems

3) To check the status of the installed gas sensors

N.B. It should be remembered that the first purchase it must also buy the dispensing valve.

The containers are made of aluminum and have a geometric capacity of 1 liter. The empty weight is 140 grams.
The charge pressure is 12 bar, corresponding to a content of about 12 liters of gaseous product.
The seal is exercised by a gas-tight compact crimped valve.
BM101 Methane 12 lt
BM102 LPG 12 lt
BM103 CO 98ppm 12 lt
BM104 CO 300ppm 12 lt
BM105 Hydrogen 12 lt
BM106 Acetylene 12 lt
BM107 Acetone 12 lt
BM108 Chlorine
BM109 Hydrogen Sulfide H2S
BM116 Freon R410a 12 lt
BM117 Freon R134a 12 lt
BM118 Freon R404 12 lt
BM119 Freon R407 12 lt
BM120 Explosive Ammonia
BM121 Oxygen
BM122 Toluene
BM123 Toxic Ammonia
BM125 Carbon Dioxide
VL101 Dispensing valve
VL111 Valve for corrosive gases

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