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Beinat SRL: plant safety and efficiency at your service

Ideas and solutions since 1978

Beinat S.R.L. was born in 1978 in Ciriè, in the province of Turin, after an about 5 years experience.

In 40 years, the passion for electronics and the ability to always offer innovative and avanced products have made Beinat a top-level company in the sector of gas safety for civil and industrial use, gas detection controllers, gas sensors, temperature control, fire sensors and much more.

Company entirely Made in Italy, it looks towards foreign markets that inspired proposals for innovative and refined proposals and in which it exports most of its production.

Beinat products are found all over the world: from Europe to Africa, from Asia to the America, its goal is to guarantee useful systems and tools for civil and industrial safety, whether it is gas or fire alarms, thermoregulation and professional portable instruments for electronic control.

beinat confezionamento

Effective solutions for gas safety, fire alarm and sensors.

Vanguard, performance and ease of use of our security tools

Words such as safety, comfort and beauty are increasingly important in modern society. This is why Beinat always invests a large part of its resources in technology, research and human resources.

To constantly improve, Beinat has designed unique and innovative products, aimed to satisfy even the most demanding requests, both as regards the civil and industrial markets.

The foundation on which it is based our success is the operations quality that make up the entire production process: in a nutshell everything we do is vitally important.

It is important for us to combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. It is just as well that our products stand out from all the others, thus responding to all needs.

The perfect partner for the wholesaler

For years, Beinat is your company’s trusted partner: its products are 100% guaranteed and its reliability allows a constant turnover within your warehouse. The study of our products allows obtaining advanced equipment capable to meet all needs. Our quality certifications and warranty


Our quality and guarantee certifications

The importance of quality policy

The goal has always been to provide products that meet the customer’s needs, through continuous performance improvement and with a full commitment.