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Your AmiCO against carbon monoxide

A small AmiCO ready to protect you everywhere.

Less than 60 grams of weight, immediately active and operational because it does not need installation, equipped with a long-lasting battery and sensor, totally Made in Italy: AmiCO detects the presence of carbon monoxide at home and accompanies you … all over the world!

With #AmiCOaroundtheworld we travel together with Silvia Caroline Schirinzi and to many other people who have chosen to always be safe, and let’s find out where AmiCO has protected them.


The sun kisses the city with sparkling light, and the air is imbued with a magic that only this place can offer. In this scenario, we had the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience at Gitex in Dubai – the most important technological event in the Middle East – accompanied by our faithful AmiCO. The luxury of Dubai is reflected in its futuristic architecture, but everywhere there is an essence of calm and serenity. With AmiCO, we explored the fascinating contrast between modernity and timeless tradition with the peace of mind of always having control over our safety.


The geometry of the Pyramids, the eternal gaze of the Sphinx in contemplation of the colours of the Nile and the noisy sounds of Cairo form the backdrop to the journey Beinat undertook to meet his Egyptian partners. It is an eternal imagination, Egypt, and amiCO, our small carbon monoxide detector, with its typical lunar shape seems to integrate perfectly here, where history and legend meet, and it is reassuring.


The sea is crystal, at the foot of the Saraceno village. Here emerges the charm of a place that smells of enchantment, where tranquility embraces worldliness, without noise, with the delicacy of a watercolor. Having amiCO, in this fairytale place, to preserve in small soft steps the serenity of a VIP holiday, always makes you feel safe.

Saint-Gobain Picardy, Hauts-de-France

This is an enchanted place: there is the wind that never ceases to blow, to slip through the streets of the city and the villages perched on the medieval hills. The smell of bread spreads everywhere and remains embedded in the clear color of the Gothic cathedrals. amiCO is always with us, even in this ancestral place in Saint-Gobain, Aisne, in the Hauts-de-France region (Picardy). Here the kindness and poetry of the inhabitants brings smiles and instils security.

Principality of Asturias

High mountains form the backdrop of jagged coasts that plunge into the Cantabrian Sea, the coastal sea of the Atlantic Ocean: it is the Principality of Asturias, a region of north-western Spain.
The most populated city of him is Gijon, and it is precisely here that Ivan and his girlfriend Gaia were, with AmiCO, on the occasion of the Gijon EscoFeria 2023.
A city with a millenary history, which lives in symbiosis with the sea: the Cimadevilla was a fishing village, while the hill of Santa Catalina, with a medieval flavor, slopes down towards the sea where the skyscrapers and the tourist port give a contemporary imprint to the beaches.
Speaking of flavour, the sea is also the protagonist here at the table, between the Bacalao de Asturias and the famous Cantabrian anchovies, without forgetting the sweet Carbayones.
And from Playa De San Lorenzo, a golden expanse towards the deep blue of the Cantabrian, AmiCO has dreamed of being able to explore new worlds!


Romantic with its soft lights, full of bikes, with that touch of liveliness that makes it truly unique.
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and the ideal gateway to the Scandinavian world, lives in an atmosphere full of Hygge (a Danish word that describes a feeling of warmth and familiarity). And who is able to give warmth and familiarity more than an AmiCO!
Our portable carbon monoxide detector has also protected us in this beautiful city: in the shimmering gardens of Tivoli, where even adults return children, among the colorful houses that make a postcard the Nyhavan Canal, in front of the melancholy Little Mermaid, inspired by the famous tale of the Danish Hans Christian Andersen.
And then warming up is easy when you taste the Smørrebrød, the famous rye bread with salmon, or the Wienerbrod, the Danish swivels.
Yes, Danish sweets exist, even if in Italy we replace them with needles, threads and buttons!


A stone’s throw from the Sforzesco Castle and the Sempione Park, the city’s green lung, there is the Piccolo Teatro Strehler. A place that guards the art and magic of theatre and the classical and modern dance.
And it was here that our Silvia Caroline’s little cousins, models for a day, were special guests at the performance of Cinderella and brought the safety of our AmiCO to the stage.
With lightness and safety, our precious little carbon monoxide detector is as light as ballet slippers or tutu tulle!


Romantic and sophisticated, Paris is a city of timeless charm. Some of its monuments are among the most famous (and visited) in the world, and Parisian elegance is a true paradigm.  This is also why our Silvia Caroline has visited her “showing off” the silver version of AmiCO, whose soft shapes make the pair with the Arc de Triomphe, with a colour reminiscent of that of the most iconic steel tower in history, the Eiffel Tower. And here is that AmiCO, in addition to protecting against dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, becomes a design element… à la page!


Mirrored skyscrapers that reflect the ocean, long beaches where surfers rest waiting for the good wave, expanses of palm trees that shade the animated Ocean Drive in South Beach: Miami is one of those cities where the imagination becomes reality.

Our Silvia Caroline visited her a few weeks ago, also to present AmiCO at the FIME (Florida International Medical Expo), the most important event in the United States dedicated to medical and paramedical equipment!


One of the most important and rich in history cities not only in Morocco, but in all of Africa. The profile of Marrakesh is characterized by Moorish-style buildings influenced by Andalusian architecture, narrow streets and the unmistakable souks, markets where you can really find everything.

A city of great charm… and great heat!

Our Silvia Caroline, who visited it just these days, between a walk in the Medina and a typical Moroccan mint tea, knows this well.

The heat didn’t scare her, just as it doesn’t scare our AmiCO, which works perfectly from -40 to 100° C and can protect you and your family even in extreme conditions.


Capital of Italy from 1861 to 1864, Turin in recent weeks has become the European capital of music thanks to Eurovision 2022!

Thousands of enthusiasts from all over the continent filled the city with enthusiasm. In addition to hosting the evenings broadcast by televisions all over Europe, the Piedmontese capital is experiencing many moments every day under the banner of music and a carefree necessary in this period. From Piazza Castello to Piazza Vittorio, up to the big stage in the Valentino park and the PalaOlimpico, theater of the event, all of Turin vibrates with happiness!

Let’s find out together in which places of Eurovision Silvia Caroline was protected by AmiCO.


Over 9 million inhabitants of every ethnicity and culture, a thousand-year history that begins with the first Roman foundations and is projected into the future of one of the most lively and dynamic metropolises on the planet. London is a cosmopolitan universe where art, literature, music, architecture and sport come together in a city that is much more than a city. Let’s find out together in which places in the English capital our AmiCO has protected Silvia Caroline!