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The new Beinat product catalogue is available, a catalogue in which the watchwords are innovation and reliability: two of the values that have distinguished us since our early years (this year are 44!) and that inspire our daily work.

The catalogue, bilingual (Italian / English), is available in both digital and paper versions and starts with an introduction relating to the history of the company (with the evocative title “Ideas and solutions since 1978”), then goes through all our products for gas safety, fire prevention, instrumentation and thermoregulation, with a focus on each one: in addition to photos and a general description, the pages dedicated to the products offer a detailed technical data sheet useful for transmitting, in a single glance, all the features needed by installers and resellers.

The final pages of the catalog, after a rundown on the fields of application of our products, also present some figures: these are the numbers that represent the constant growth of Beinat over the years, a trend that we want to continue to pursue also in this 2022.

At the moment, in fact, there are 34 countries to which we export, throughout Europe and beyond, 10 our dealers, 8 warehouses to guarantee the quality of our products in the shortest possible time.

The 48 pages of the catalog also represent an important brand awareness tool for us, fully implementing our recent rebranding: from the logo to the colors, up to our two mascots, Professor Bei and engineer Nat, a couple of expert researchers , intelligent and brilliant, always ready to get excited about new discoveries.

Are you curious to “browse” the catalog? You can do it: just click here!