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Guarantee the best performing products, in terms of quality and innovation, for all our customers who ask us for the best solutions for gas safety, fire prevention, instrumentation and thermoregulation. It has been our mission since 1978, but at Beinat we have always thought that, together with that dedicated to work and daily commitment, sometime should also be reserved for a series of initiatives for the good of our community and the well-being of the animals.

Because doing good makes us feel better.

This is why among the initiatives we have most recently supported, we donated 1100 euros to to LAV (italian anti-vivisection league), a non-profit organization active for 45 years throughout Italy and committed to the rescue and recovery of animals.

In particular, this time we received a request from Roberta Berardi (one of the LAV animal keepers) to rescue Agata and Ester by a team of highly specialized veterinarians.

Agata and Ester are two macaques in danger of life after they had been taken into foster care by the LAV by the Universities of Padua and Modena, which had in turn decided to stop experiments on primates forever. A decision that we hope will also be followed by other universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

In the meantime, we will continue to support LAV and many other associations that deal with the welfare of the community, from Caritas to FARO foundation (Foundation and Oncological Research), taking on the responsibility of actively helping important realities in our territory and beyond.