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At Beinat we work for almost 50 years to ensure the best products for gas safety, fire protection, instrumentation and temperature control.

The qualitative excellence that we guarantee for each of our products also derives from a study and the continuous updating by our technicians in terms of materials, regulations and, of course, new technologies: to stop is never an option!

For this reason, today we present some of our latest products, divided by category.


CARD420 is a 4-20 mA expansion card for gas detectors: by inserting it into the appropriate connector, it allows communication with the control units, thus transforming the state of the detector into 4-20 mA.

Civil use

GASU is our new household gas leak detector, born of years of experience in the sector: thanks to its catalytic sensor, it detects the presence of explosive gases such as methane or LPG. What’s more, with its built-in relay, it can operate solenoid valves, sirens and other electronic devices.

RGX100Q/Eg is also an household methane or LPG gas leak detector, in a compact device (115x150x50mm) and easy to install.

Gas detection controllers

We designed, built and certified two new gas detection controllers according to the latest European standards: Camelot 480 and Camelot 880.

Both of these units are designed to check for toxic and explosive gases in medium and large environments. The 480 controls four remote sensors, while the 880 controls as many as eight remote sensors.

Furthermore, both have two hazard levels: pre-alarm and general alarm, reached respectively when the levels reach 13% and 20% of L.E.L.

As far as control units are concerned, in addition to the two Camelot gas controllers, two new ones, AJB16 and ARBI32, will also be available on our site very soon. 

Temperature control

We designed and built our Solar Control SC200-PWM unit for those who want to manage their solar panels in the best way. It precisely controls the temperature coming from the solar panels and distributes it to the various boilers and the heating system.

These temperatures are shown sequentially on the display and, with PWM, it is also possible to communicate via the 4-20 mA.

Keep following us for all the latest news about our products!