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The first, real cold weather has arrived again this year. Given the high energy prices, due to the well-known contingency reasons, many people of cold countries are deciding whenever possible to replace and/or integrate the traditional gas heating system with alternative methods.

Among these the most common are fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves.

How come? Because all these heating systems produce carbon monoxide, which is generated whenever something burns.

It is easy to understand, therefore, that fireplaces, wood and/or pellet stoves are potentially dangerous because they can increase the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air.

We have already talked about this gas, sadly known as „silent killer“: it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and also non-irritating. A human being has no way to detect it naturally, through his senses, before it’s too late.

When there is less oxygen in the environment, such as when there are closed doors and windows, and something is burned, the carbon monoxide concentration can quickly rise from 4.5 mg/cubic meter (acceptable level) to levels exceeding 50-60 mg/cubic meter. Concentrations that, it should be remembered, are very dangerous to the point of becoming lethal.

So the only solution is to give up these alternative heating modes? Absolutely not, all you need is a carbon monoxide detector.

At Beinat, thanks to our experience in the gas detection sector, over the years we have developed increasingly small detectors but at the same time increasingly reliable. We advise three o them: CHCO and CO922 are our small fixed and versatile detectors. Both designed and built according to the European Standard, they effectively detect carbon monoxide (and also methane, in the case of CHCO).

Then there’s AmiCO, our portable carbon monoxide detector. Small, light, immediately ready to work without any need for installation, with a very long-lasting battery.

Christmas is coming, and Made in Beinat detectors can be a great gift idea, even for yourself: investing in security is always the right choice!