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Certain areas of the world are at high seismic risk: it is unfortunately a fact that is confirmed by the daily experience of many of us.

We all still have in mind the images of the devastating earthquake that struck a vast area on the border between south-western Turkey and north-eastern Syria on 6 February 2023, causing incalculable victims and damage.

Avoid an earthquake is impossible, to predict it instead yes, to limit the damage also. We need earthquake-proof structures and a constant update on the evolution of our planet’s tectonic movements.

These are very important investments, which also require a progressive change of mentality. What we can do in our own small way, however, is to equip our homes with equipment that helps to prevent or to limit damage: Beinat has designed and built GS920, an explosive gas detector for civil use with an integrated earthquake-proof device.

GS920 is equipped with a microprocessor that controls the catalytic sensor to detect the presence of explosive gases such as methane or LPG. At the same time, the same sensor also records seismic shocks, commands the safety solenoid valves for gases and actives their closure in case of a seismic event, blocking the gas at the origin and avoiding dangerous explosions caused by gas leaks during an earthquake. Finally, the sensor’s efficiency control circuit immediately reports any faults, keeping the detector running at all times.

GS920 gas detector with the shape and size (115x150x50) of our “Ovolus” series can help in emergency situations. Always hoping that it will never be needed.