2 BXI32 gas detection controller boxed
60 addressable sensors + 4 channels for relay CARD

The control unit BXI32 has been designed and built to meet the current requirements of the Market and in compliance with European Standard for checking gas presence in a versatile and innovative with addressed sensors through an addressed network RS-485 MODBUS

The gas concentration that each sensor detects at rotation is read directly on the display that specifies the origin. When one of the connected sensors exceeds the pre-alarm setpoint, the control unit emits a proportional sound signal, based on the amount of gas detected, and shows on the display the number of the sensor, the amount of gas detected and its origin; the alarm triggered is saved in a memory (Datalogger). Should it be necessary, the data stored can be printed (up to maximum 50 events).

The control unit features two hazard levels:

I LEVEL, pre-alarm. This data is variable. The technician can modify pre-alarm intervention for every sensor according to the type of plant to be controlled. The level can be selected from 3% to 16% of L.E.L. or from 45 to 240 ppm.

II LEVEL, general alarm. It is set to 20 % of L.E.L. or 300ppm

The control unit is equipped with 1 general alarm relay with/without Positive Safety to enable further independent control of two solenoid valves.. Up to 2 relay expansion cards CARD-RLS4 can be inserted if necessary.

Primary power supply Version BXI32: 15 VDC
Secondary battery power supply Max 2.2 Ah: 12.7 VDC
Battery charger Max 2.2 Ah: Controlled
Absorption: 3 W in alarm
ADDRESSED probes: Max 32
Catalytic, Electrochemical, Semiconductor, Pellistore
Communication protocol: ModBuss RTU
Pre-alarm threshold Variable: for each probe from 3 to 18% LIE
Explosive alarm threshold: 20% of the LIE and 300ppm
Display: 4 lines 20 cln
Positive Security: Selectable
Pre alarm output relay: ON-OFF
Alarm output relay: In exchange
Failure relay: ON-OFF
External siren silencing, and Buzzer: Via software
Manual alarm signaling: Incorporated
Working temperature: -10 ° C ÷ + 60 ° C
Installation: in Omega bar
Dimensions BXI32: 158x90x58 9mod
Package Dimensions: 197x122x67
Weight: approx. 400 grams
Protection degree: IP20

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