2 BX308XP gas detection controller boxed
2 channel 16 conventional sensors

The control unit has been designed and built according to the European Standard to verify the presence of

toxic, explosive gas and Oxygen in a versatile way thanks to the possibility to connect up to 8 conventional sensors. The control unit has both a pre-alarm relay and a general alarm relay. The control unit has two versions: the DIN rail 9 modules version and the box version (BOX KAC009)

The control unit features two hazard levels:

1st LEVEL, pre-alarm. This data is variable; the technician can modify the pre-alarm intervention for every probe according to the type of plant to be controlled. The level can be selected from 3% to 16% of L.I.E. or from 45 to 240 ppm

2nd LEVEL, general alarm. it is set to 20 % of L.I.E. or300ppm

The control unit is equipped with two general alarm relays with/without Positive Safety Switch to enable further independent control of two solenoid valves.

Suitable for industrial environments and in underground car parks.

Primary power supply version BX308xp: 15 V.cc
Secondary power supply from battery Max 2.2 Ah: 12.7 V. cc
Max 2.2 Ah battery charger: checked
Absorption: 18 W in alarm
Conventional Probes: Max 8
Catalytic, Electrochemistry, Semiconductor, Pellistor
Explosive alarm threshold: 20% of the LEL and 300ppm
Input signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA on 150 Ohm
Accuracy: 1% FS
Display: 4 rows 20 columns
Positive Safety: Selectable
Pre alarm output relay: ON – OFF
Alarm output relay: Exchange
Failure relay: ON – OFF
Manual alarm signaling: incorporated
Working temperature: -10 ° C ÷ + 60 ° C
Dimensions BX308xp: 158x90x58 9 modules
Package Dimensions: 197 x 122 x 67
Weight: 390 grams approx.
Degree of protection: IP20
Dimensions BX308xp: 158x90x58 mm 9 modules
Package Dimensions: 197x122x67 mm
Weight: 390 grams approx.
Degree of protection: IP20

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