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In these winter days the cold is making itself felt, and of this we should not complain, seen the above average temperatures of the Christmas holidays.

These are the right days to light the fireplace.

The fireplace always gives a great charm in our living rooms. It is a romantic element, beautiful to see, suggestive and (if made to perfection) that warms allowing us to lower the heating.

Like any element related to fire, however, the fireplace also has its advantages and disadvantages. What are they?

Let’s see some of them together:



As we said, one of the main advantages is the aesthetic that the fireplace gives to your home. A fire that burns always gives a great atmosphere, and economic savings should not be underestimated: especially if the wood you burn is self-produced, you can reduce the winter cost of gas.

Last but not least, the possibility of cooking on wood, a cooking method that is otherwise feasible only with a grill outside.



It is known that a house with a fireplace is more difficult to clean, given the ash produced by the combustion of wood.

Unlike other methods of heating, then, the seal of the fireplace must be checked continuously and you may need to revive the fire several times in a short time.

If the fireplace is „open fire“, moreover (therefore without a front protection), there is a possibility that some spark can spoil/burn your furniture.


The most important element is safety: burning wood causes smoke and also carbon monoxide. And if smoke is detected with the naked eye, carbon monoxide is an even more dangerous enemy because it is odorless and colorless. If there is a loss the risk of noticing it when it is too late is very high.

For this, however, there is Beinat: our experience in the field of security for civil and industrial use allows us to offer practical, easy-to-use and extremely high-performance tools to ensure safety at home, yours and your loved ones.

Among our optical smoke sensors that detect an abnormal accumulation of smoke, the RF500 and the EC500. The installation of both is very simple, as they are placed on a base with bayonet connection.

As for carbon monoxide, instead, we propose CHCO (which also detects the methane gas) and AmiCO, our portable carbon monoxide detector immediately working and usable everywhere.

Long live the fireplace, then, but only if accompanied by the right amount of safety.