FS012M - FS024M - FS230M Flashing Siren

Cod. FS012M - FS024M - FS230M Flashing Siren

The new Flashing Siren “ FS Series” is born from the elegance and prestige that has always distinguished BEINAT S.r.l.
The siren is built in three models: FS230M - FS012M - FS024M. This device has the prerogative to signal, through the audio group and of the flashing light incorporated, the presence of danger.
The sirens can have various supply:

  • FS230M; 230/240VAC Supply
  • FS012M; 12V DC Supply
  • FS024M; 24V DC Supply

Power Supply: 230/240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Power Demand: 9 W @ 230V
On request: 12-24V cc
Power Demand: 118dB a 100cm
Frequency Sound: 1 Hz
Timer: Built-in, ON/OFF
Degree of Protection: IP54
Size: 135x90x45
Packaging: 168x120x60
Weight: 300 grams about

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FS012M - FS024M - FS230M