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Initial Screen

?                                                        Up
                SN AD012G            16/Ago/16
                         ?                  10:10
                Single Zone
                                   020% 100%
                Probe 07     Esp.                        Enter
                20,0% LEL

In normal functioning state, the display shows the following information:
a) Registration number
b) Current date and time
c) Currently detected zone; the control unit can be divided in zones: Single Zone - Zone 1 - Zone 2
d) The currently monitored probe, and the type of gas, explosive and/or toxic.
Each connected probe is shown every 8 seconds.

To accelerate the display of the probes press the Left and Right buttons.
To stop the sequence of probes, and analyse the functioning of a specific probe, press “ENTER”.
On the display you will see a key. To unlock it, press again “ENTER”.

e) Display of the percentage of L.E.L. or ppm detected by the probe, and the bar graph of the quantity of gas.

  Control unit setting

To access the BX308/xp setting program you should press the “ENTER” button for 5 seconds.

  Input Password

              Password accepted

To continue you should enter a password.
The “password” is 1-2-3-4.
Note. The password can be changed by accessing the “Advanced Functions” in the “General Functions”
Use the Left and Right buttons to reach the desired number, and press “ENTER”.
Each time you enter a number you will see an a star, until all four a stars appear.
If the password is correct you will see “Password accepted”
If you made a code input mistake, you will see “Wrong password”.
You should re-enter the password. If you do not press any key, you will return to the previous screen.

  Selection of the setting

 Time setting
 Probe setting
 General Functions

Use the Left and Right buttons to select “Time Setting”, and press “ENTER”. You will access the current
date and time setting program.
Use the Left and Right buttons to select “Probe Setting”, and press “ENTER”.
You will access the program to select the quantity of zones (1-2-single).
Set the quantity of probes that can be connected, the type the pre-alarm gas percentage and the operative
range of each probe.

Use the Left and Right buttons to select “General Functions”, and press “ENTER” to access the program
to select: relay functioning mode, intrinsic safety function activation, activation of the zone alarm lachting
function, activation of the external siren in silent mode, and “Advanced Functions” menu.
By selecting “Advanced Functions” you can access a program to: change the password, read the
datalogger, print the events, and test the probes.
To select Exit to return to the initial program

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