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Components and comands

                                                                  Reset Hardware

                                     1 23

        SN B0205        06/Jan/2013       Pow er      PreAlarm        Enter
        State             15:48          Battery   M ai nA l ar m
        Probe 05                     OL Probes      Exit Alarm
        Enabled   18% LEL            OLBattery     SirenStatus


                                     Test Reset

                  7                                45              6

1) Signaling LEDS
a) MAINS LED. It turns on when network voltage is inserted.
b) Battery LED. It turns on when the equipment is powered by battery.
When the LED starts to flash it means that the battery is low.
c) The control unit is equipped with electronic safety devices called OVER LOAD, that are used to prevent
permanent damage of the same. When these LEDs turn on it does not mean that the control unit is not working;
it means that the equipment coupled to it (or the relative connections) are not working.
PROBE OVER LOAD LED: if this LED turns on, it indicates a short circuit or a high absorption of current by the
probes and the relative connection cables. Check the battery and the connection cables.
BATTERY OVER LOAD LED: if this LED turns on it shows that the battery is connected incorrectly or there is
an abnormal current absorption. Check the battery and the connection cables.
d) FAULT LED. This LED turns on and flashes when one of the probes coupled is damaged or the connection
cables are interrupted or there is a connection error. When this LED is turned on, the equipment can no longer
detect the gas and it activates the relays of both threshold levels (the 1st and the 2nd).
To restore operation, the probe must be repaired or removed by pressing RESET using the setting program.

2) Alarm LEDS
a) PRE-ALARM LED(PRE-ALARM). This LED turns on when gas concentration level reaches the pre-alarm
value; the latter can be set from 8 to 16% of L.E.L. and closes the relay contact of 1st THRESHOLD.
b) MAIN ALARM (GENERAL ALARM) LED. This LED turns on when gas concentration reaches a value of 20 %
of L.E.L. and closes the GENERAL ALARM relay contact.
c) MANUAL ALARM LED. This LED turns on when the remote alarm button is pressed.
d) LED for activating the EXTERNAL SIREN. It turns RED when the external siren is disconnected.

3) Navigation buttons group. These buttons are used to set the operation of the control unit.
4) RESET button. Press this button to reset all memories.
5) TEST button. By keeping this button steadily pressed you will simulate a gas leak.

6) Printer USB port. Connection for printing the data stored in the memory.
7) Display.
The instrument is equipped with a high performance alphanumeric display with 4 lines for every 20 characters
to facilitate reading all the events. Display background will always be lit up.

BEINAT            S/N AD012G

16/04/16                10:10        Screen displayed when turning on the BX308/xp.
                                     This screen remains on for 90 seconds.
= = BX308/xp ver. 3.0 = =

Count Down 90”

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