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1) Apply power using the proper external switch. This switch should be fitted with protection fuses.
2) You will notice that some LEDs will light up in turn for about 20 seconds.
3) The display will start the COUNT DOWN of about 90 seconds (warm up). At the end the control unit is ready
for detection.
4) Pressing and holding down the TEST button, you can obtain a gas leakage simulation.
The control unit will carry out the following:
- It will light up the 13% LEL or the 200ppm (with reference to CO) LED, and the PRE-ALARM LED, switching
the 1st threshold relay. The buzzer will issue a low frequency sound.
- Later, it will light up the 20% LEL or the 300ppm (with reference to CO) LED, the MAIN ALARM LED. In addition
to maintaining the PRE-ALARM relay switched, it will also switch the MAIN ALARM relay. The MAIN ALARM LED
will start blinking and the buzzer will issue a higher frequency sound.
When releasing the TEST button, you will see the opposite: Only the blinking MAIN ALARM and the 20% L.E.L.
LEDs will remain ON.
When the latching is enabled, the main alarm will continue until the RESET button is pressed, clearing the alarm
from the memory.
5) To complete the test, carefully read the probe instruction manual and perform the sensor test by issuing
gas from a pre-calibrated gas bottle.
6) If you want to simulate a zone FAULT, you only need to disconnect the return cable of one or all the probes.
The control unit will carry out the following:
- The FAULT and MAIN ALARM LEDs will light up and blink;
- The buzzer will issue a continuous sound;
- The FAULT and MAIN ALARM relays will switch.
Reconnect the return cable and press RESET to restore the control unit functioning.

Before calling a technician, check...

If the device does not start up.
Check that the power supply is correctly connected. If powered by the battery, check that the is power is
correctly connected.
If the Fault LED lights up.
Check that the connecting cables from the BX308/xp to the probes are intact, that the probes are properly
powered, and that the signal cable is correctly connected.


                      12345678                                                        0,6  1 1,1  2
                                                                                     0                 3

             Probe 1  Probe 2  Probe 3  Probe 4  Probe 5  Probe 6  Probe 7  Probe 8  WARNING.
                      321      321      321      321      321      321      321      This measurement should
            321                                                                      be performed in clean air.



If the Over Load Probe LED lights up.
Check: that the power polarity has not been inverted, that no short-circuit is present, that the probes were not
damaged during installation, that no excessive current absorption is present.
If the Over Load Battery LED lights up.
Check that the connection cables are not short-circuited, that the polarity has not been inverted, or that the
battery is not damaged.
If the control unit is repeatedly issuing an alarm.
Check that there are no gas leaks.
If the alarm signal and the FAULT indicator light turn on together, check the probes.
If the control unit is issuing an alarm and does not shut off the devices connected to it.
Check that the wiring is correct and that the jumper that carries power to the relay has been set properly. All
relays must be free from electrical power. Check the drawing of the connections.
If a 12Vdc solenoid valve , is connected to the BX308/xp, which does not work well
Direct connection of 12Vdc solenoid valves or sirens to the BX308/xp is not permitted.
An external power unit must always be used.
The BX308/xp gives a max current of 200mA.

If other problems arise, a specialised and/or authorised technician and/or the Distributor of BEINAT S.r.l.
should be contacted directly.

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