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Control Unit - from 1 to 8                                      Belonging to

 Available in two versions:                        BX308/xp
 Omega bar 9 modules Size 158x90x58 Code BX308/xp
 Boxed size 280x340x160 Code BX308/xp-BOXED

The experience and the knowledge acquired over the years within industrial sector and market together
with the prestige that has always made BEINAT S.r.l. stand out from its competitors comes to the new Gas
Control Unit “BX308/xp” aimed at checking, by means of probes coupled to it, the presence of gas:
toxic and/or explosive.
Cutting-edge technologies enable the Gas detection control unit to be installed in industrial environments
and underground parking spaces.

The control unit BX308/xp has been designed and built to meet the current requirements of the Market
and in compliance with European Standard for checking gas presence in a versatile and innovative using:
With conventional probes.
Up to16 remote probes from 4 to 20 mA can be connected in conventional mode for a single area or
divided into two zones: 8 probes for every zone.

Gas concentration measured by every probe sequentially is shown directly on display, with a description
of its origin.
When one of the coupled probes exceeds the pre-alarm setpoint, the control unit generates a proportional
sound signal, depending on the concentration of gas measured, and shows on the display the number of
the probe, the amount of gas measured and its origin; the alarm triggered is saved in a memory
(Datalogger). Should it be necessary, the data stored can be printed (up to maximum 50 events).

The control unit features two levels of hazard:
1st LEVEL, pre-alarm. This data is variable. The technician can modify pre-alarm intervention for every
probe according to the type of plant to be controlled.
The level can be selected from 3% to 16% of L.E.L. or from 45 to 240 ppm
2nd LEVEL, general alarm. it is set to 20 % of L.E.L. or 300ppm
The control unit is equipped with two general alarm relays with/without Positive Safety Switch to enable
further independent control of two solenoid valves. Finally, the Control Unit allows the user to control the
actual operation of the probes coupled.

User Guide            CONFORMITY                   EN 50194
Firmware Version 3.0                               EN 50291
                                                   CEI 216-3
                                                   EN 50270
                                                   EN 61010-1
                                                   DM 01/02/1986

Important Note
Before connecting the unit careful reading of instruction booklet is recommended, and it is kept in a safe place
for future reference. Furthermore, the correct electrical connections according to the enclosed drawings,
complying with instructions and Regulations in force, is recommended.

Consult the documentation in all cases in which there is the symbol on the side

                      electric connections also available on

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